design work at
dyett & bhatia.

Envisioning the future of urban life.

for 30+ cities and counties in California



Over my three years working at  Dyett & Bhatia, Urban and Regional Planners, I was involved in more than 30 city/regional planning projects in various stretch of time.

Here is a list of projects I have extensive involvement in:


    Isabel Neighborhood Plan 

    Transit-oriented design around a future transit station that balances growth and scenic view preservation (BART extension).

    Location: City of Livermore
    My role: 3D modeling, photosimulation, cartography, buildout analysis, policy-writing (building form), logo design


    Santana Row/Valley Fair Urban Village Plan
    Winchester Boulevard Urban Village Plan 

    Creating harmony between proposed high-intensity development and surrounding low-rise neighborhoods.

    Location: City of San Jose
    My role: 3D modeling, photosimuation, community engagement, policy-writing (building form & circulation)


    Palmdale TOD Overlay Study
    Avenue Q Feasibility Study

    Transit-oriented design around a future High Speed Rail Station that considers all modes of travel.

    Location: City of Palmdale
    My role: cartography, buildout analysis, engagement material and poster design


    Due to intellectual right infringement, I unfortunately cannot show any of my design work here. I do encourage you to check out the links above, as many of my visual work appears in those documents. 


    Please contact me at if you wish to know more about the projects!