Design for privacy.

Design exploration to build trust in privacy for Microsoft customers


Microsoft UX Design Internship (2018)




In this 12-week internship, I worked under the Membership team within the larger Windows Engagement organization. My internship consisted of an intern project with which I explored design opportunities in the Windows ecosystem.

Design Prompt:

How might we design an experience surrounding privacy-related content in a delightful and/or informative way?


Design Outcome:

A design strategy in trust-building and an improved feature with measurable increase in trust in privacy.


The project started with expansive literature and people research, month-long exploration of three product directions, and ended with a comprehensive exploration of one product including wireframes, usability testing (n=20), high-fidelity mock-ups, multiple scenario development, content design, and motion study. 

The proposed feature leverages the power of many existing Microsoft products, which resonates with Microsoft's goal in brand awareness and product consolidation. 

In addition to the proposed feature, which is a proof-of-concept of the trust-building design strategy I defined, I also applied the same strategy to another product to show how this strategy may live in the full user journey.


Due to my NDA I will not be sharing my design artifacts online. Please feel free to reach out to me at if you wish to learn more. I am happy to walk you though my design process verbally.