Design for privacy.

Design exploration to build trust in privacy for Microsoft customers


Microsoft UX Design Internship (2018)




In this 12-week internship, I worked under the Membership team in the Windows Engagement org. My internship consisted of an intern project in which I explored design opportunities surrounding privacy in the Windows ecosystem.

Design Prompt:

How might we design an experience surrounding privacy-related content in a delightful and/or informative way?


Design Outcome:

A design strategy for trust-building, showcased through an improved feature with measurable increase of users’ trust in privacy.


The project started with expansive literature and people research, month-long exploration of three feature directions, multiple iterations with 6+ clickable prototypes, and ended with building out one feature that includes:

  • high-fidelity mock-ups with motion studies

  • UX flows for multiple scenarios

  • usability testing (n=20) with measurable impact

  • trust-building guiding principles and use examples

The proposed feature leverages the power of many existing Microsoft products. This direction supports Microsoft's goal in brand awareness and product consolidation.