An ongoing passion project about dance.

I am creating a mega-diagram of different dance team audition processes around the world. 💃🕺


Q: What's a dance team?

A dance team is a structured group of people who gather for the purpose of dance.

Below are the main types of dance teams I'm looking into in this study:


The Collegiate All-star

Collegiate dance "teams", versus "clubs," are generally more advanced and require auditions. The teams perform mostly in collegiate events and sometimes regional dance competitions.

Due to school schedule, dancer turnover is built into their DNA.


The Professional Passion

These dancers are mostly working adults looking to dance with other dancer friends and have fun. There are usually a few very dedicated "champions"  in charge of the logistics and finances out of their passion.

Commitment is a big challenge for this team.

Behavioral Mapping // Fly-on-the-wall Observation // Contextual Inquiry // Interview // Survey


The Professional Business

These dance teams often grew out of the parent studio's business branches. They value both professional danceability and revenue-generating events

Affinity Diagramming // Cognitive Mapping


When in Doubt, Make and Test

Not only is prototyping a great way to get feedback on the design idea, it is also great way for me to learn through making the prototypes. Sometimes the making part can be messy, but I find it almost always worth it to get my hands dirty!

Experience Prototyping // Usability Testing


I like to design within a story because it brings in the larger context and the perspective of actors. Storytelling is also a great way to communicate the design concept to non-designers, which helps them give valuable feedback.

Persona Study // User Journey Mapping // Storyboarding


All Hands on Deck

It does not happen in every project, but I strive to work with all stakeholders (not just end users!) in the design process. Particularly in the public domain, I believe designers should give stakeholders as much agency and platform to co-design as possible. 

Design Charettes // Participatory Design