Hi! Angela here :)

I am currently a UX designer at Microsoft’s Yammer team in San Francisco and a recent graduate of CMU’s Masters of Design (MDes) program.

Before then, I was an urban design consultant for 3 years (I wrote long-term city plans like this and this) after graduating from MIT with a dual B.S. in Architecture and Urban Planning.

If there is one central theme of my career, it’s creating social impact through building inclusive communities — on- and off-line!

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My Design Philosophy

I pride myself as a designer who builds interactions to strengthen the ties between parts and the larger system. That is, I think systematically about how stand-alone design decisions impact the larger design system. My city planning background prepared me with the tactical side of navigating both vertically and horizontally within a company.

When designing interactions, I pay strong attention to establishing rationales that are built from research insights, business values, and most importantly, the tangible experiences of various types of users (including unintended consequences). Rationales have helped me drive meaningful conversations with stakeholders and have reduced my own biases.


Thesis: Design Methods for City Planners

For my graduate thesis, I went back to my career roots and explored how design (methods) could help city planners address communication challenges and uncertainties in planning meetings, whose outcome impact the success of creating effective city policies.

All the research findings were consolidated into a facilitation package that includes a card game, a facilitation guide, and a design method book written with and for city planners.

You can read the full thesis or go to the project medium for a shorter and topical read. Please reach out if you have thoughts or questions. I’d love to continue the work if possible :)


It’s like Card Against Urbanity + Gloom + city planning realities 😂😭